Experience and technology. It's a combination that makes us who we are. When it comes to laser cutting, we can deliver.
Our machines are capable of cutting mild steel from the thinnest gauges up to 1 inch thick in mild steel, 5/8 in stainless steel, 3/8 in aluminum, and 10 gauge in galvanized steel. At Intec, we can cut most Hardox and AR plates up to 1 inch thick. We can cut sheet sizes up to 7 feet wide and up to 13 feet long. Using the latest in Trumpf technology and equipment we are able to run lights out and can deliver anything from prototyping to large production runs in a quick and efficient manner.

• 5000-watt machine

• Cutting capabilities up to 1 inch (mild steel)

• Capabilty to cut stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, AR and Hardox plate